To eliminate abdominal fat, nothing better than the “towel technique”

1711460656 To eliminate abdominal fat nothing better than the towel technique

According to this Japanese doctor, it would be enough to correct your posture with a towel to have a flat, firm and toned stomach.

Having a flat, firm and toned stomach is a dream and the goal might be easier to achieve than you think. In fact, according to Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a Japanese expert specializing in reflexology and weight loss, all you need to do is work on your posture. In his book “Les points Tsubos” (ed. Trédaniel), he reveals an express stretching technique for the correct naturally and restore the correct placement of the pelvis. According to him, this exercise – a sort of mix of sheathing and a yoga posture– would make it possible to straighten spine, stretch intercostal ligaments and then stimulate the central abdominal muscleswhere would be housed adipose tissue and abdominal fat. Its exercise would also make it possible to relieve lower back pain.

“The towel helps increase your core strength”

Today, the method has gone viral on social networks and is the subject of dozens of videos on Tik Tok, YouTube or Instagram, highlighting its supposed benefits for the body. Contrary to what some fitness or wellness influencers claim: this exercise is not magic and will not make you have an incredible six-pack nor lose weight (no it won’t make you lose 5 kilos in 1 month). That being said, its benefits on posture are not negligible. “The towel can be a very good tool for increasing your “core strength” during your sports training, especially for certain exercises like knee tucks or “pike push-ups”. Also, this tip can benefit body alignment and helps deepen stretches if you struggle with flexibility“, would like to specify Mallory Creveling, professional sports trainer, interviewed by the Health magazine.

To do it, it’s easy:

5 minute towel technique © Capture Bright Side

To perform this postural exercise named “5 minute towel”all you need is a yoga mat and a 35-40 cm bath towel approximately in length.

  1. Place the towel rolled into a “sausage” under your lower back (lumbar) and lie down on the mat
  2. Legs are straight, feet shoulder-width apart, slightly tucked in so that the two big toes touch (see image on the right).
  3. Arms are raised above your head. Gradually bring your hands together so that the little fingers touch.
  4. Stay in this position for 5 minutes and try to relax by relaxing your muscles. It shouldn’t hurt, if it does, stop exercising.
  5. Release the position and turn to the side to get up, without jerking.

For toned abs and a “flat stomach” effectit is advisable to carry out this exercise 3 times a day, for at least 10 days to expect results. For example, once when you wake up to stretch gently, once after your workout and once before going to bed.