To be truly effective, here is when you should put your deodorant on

To be truly effective here is when you should put

We are going to have to change our habits…

It’s an essential reflex for most of us when getting ready in the morning: putting on deodorant. Sweat is a natural phenomenon which consists of evacuating heat from our body through the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin by the sweat glands, as explained by the French Society of Dermatology. Sweating is annoying for some people, especially because of its unpleasant smell. Applying an antiperspirant then becomes obligatory. But this morning habit is less effective than you think, according to Dr Karant Rajan, a doctor at the NHS (UK public health system).

A first mistake to avoid is confusing classic deodorant with antiperspirant. The classic deodorant absorbs and eliminates odors while the antiperspirant, also called “antiperspirant”, regulates sweating thanks to the aluminum salt compounds (controversial but effective) it contains. So, not all deodorants are necessarily antiperspirants. This information is specified on the product packaging in store. In his video TikTok, Dr. Rajan explains that antiperspirant is most effective when the sweat glands “have their lowest activity level”. This level of activity allows him to be “better absorbed”.

And contrary to what you think, it’s not morning. On the contrary, the level of activity of the sweat glands responsible for perspiration is at its lowest in the evening. “If you use antiperspirant, use it at night.” recommends the doctor. Advice shared by the American Academy of Dermatology. In studythe organization observed a “increase in the percentage of reduction in perspiration” when applying antiperspirant in the evening. This application time “is significantly more effective than application only in the morning”. As a reminder, deodorants and antiperspirants should not be used on damaged skin and not after shaving.