TM Roh: ”Welcome to the Age of Mobile Artificial Intelligence”

Samsung Mobile World President and CEO TM Roh shared an article in which he expressed his thoughts on the bright future of mobile technology and artificial intelligence.

TM Roh reported the following in full:: “Samsung Electronics Mobile World President and CEO TM Roh, in his latest blog post, expresses how much the Galaxy S24 Series has been adopted by users and his satisfaction with the positive feedback they have received. The rest of TM Roh’s article is as follows: “The most valuable achievement of my career was developing the Galaxy S24 Series. Although I have witnessed many extraordinary innovations as an engineer, I think the most transformative technology of the century is artificial intelligence. Few engineers get the chance to be a part of such a potentially shocking development. This development offers a great change opportunity not only to Samsung and the mobile industry, but to all humanity. Integrating artificial intelligence into phones is a revolution in itself. This step marks a new era for mobile experiences, and Samsung Galaxy is leading the way. Mobile devices will be the primary access point to artificial intelligence. Thanks to our broad and comprehensive product portfolio, legacy of innovation and open collaboration, Samsung Galaxy is perfectly positioned to accelerate the spread of this technology around the world. We will facilitate access to mobile artificial intelligence and offer new opportunities to everyone.


As we pioneer groundbreaking experiences in mobile AI, we’ve thought hard about how this new and exciting technology can improve our lives and inspire the future of society. Galaxy AI, which we implemented with great care and attention, helps people overcome communication barriers, perform daily tasks effortlessly and achieve much more. Since the launch of the Galaxy S24 Series, we’ve received great feedback from our users who have incorporated Galaxy AI features into their daily lives.

One of the most welcomed AI capabilities was Circle to Search, developed in collaboration with Google, which is an incredible tool for searching. Our communication tools that we offer to eliminate language barriers, such as Live Translation and Chat Assistant, have made many people’s dreams come true. Users also loved the Photo Assistant, which is packed with creativity tools powered by the ProVisual Engine. As we mentioned before, this is just the beginning.

While working on the Galaxy S24 Series, we developed many ideas and concepts that we wanted to bring to life. As Samsung continually strengthens and enriches mobile AI experiences, Galaxy users will enjoy more Galaxy AI features powered by these ideas and concepts over time. In addition, we plan to take steps beyond smartphones for Galaxy AI. We optimize the Galaxy AI platform for different services and various device categories.

Select Galaxy wearable devices will soon be powered by AI to further enhance digital healthcare, ushering in a whole new era of expanded smart health experiences. Samsung will continue to develop and expand Galaxy AI experiences across categories by collaborating with more industry-leading AI partners.

Over the past year, we’ve constantly asked ourselves what users want, what they need, and what they can achieve with a little help. These questions inspired our first AI phone, the Galaxy S24 Series, which allowed us to imagine how we could change users’ lives with AI. Galaxy S24 is the phone of the future that sets the standards for mobile artificial intelligence and defines the emerging category of artificial intelligence phones. Of course, we also have some challenges and responsibilities to consider.

Artificial intelligence models in education remain unclear and debates over intellectual property rights continue. In order for users to safely benefit from new capabilities, it is of great importance that companies carefully define their artificial intelligence experiences and establish open collaborations on this issue. In this new era of data-intensive mobile experiences, it is also important to improve security and privacy standards. This is one of the reasons why we adopted a hybrid approach that combines artificial intelligence capabilities provided on-device and in the cloud environment.

In addition to providing a seamless usage experience, this approach allows users to restrict some features to run entirely on the device and have more control over how their data is used. We will continue our commitment to improving the security and user privacy of Galaxy devices by providing users with transparency and freedom of choice.

In the new era of mobile artificial intelligence, it is no longer a question of what phones can do, but what users can achieve with the right tools. The Galaxy S24 Series is among these tools, and I can’t wait to see what you can achieve with them. You get to decide what is possible, useful and meaningful. “The next phase of mobile experiences will be shaped by you, Samsung Galaxy users, not us.”