Time for a divorce? This is how you secure your share money

Time for a divorce This is how you secure your

Despite the fact that one would prefer to divorce as friends, it is common for ex-couples to argue about the division of property. However, for a divorce as painless as possible, there are some preventive tips to follow. Emma Forsberglawyer at Carneige and expert in family law, has in a conversation with Break it shared his tips for avoiding forced sales of shares.

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Important with prenuptial agreements

To avoid confusion in the division of property, Forsberg says it is important to have a prenuptial agreement. Many people think that a shareholder agreement is enough to keep their shares, but according to Forsberg, that is not true. Without the prenuptial agreement, your partner is entitled to half the net value of your shares. In the worst case, you may be liable for damages.

In most share agreements, it is up to the owner to resolve a prenuptial agreement with his partner himself.

– It only says that person X must own these shares in individual property. But if you are married and divorce a few years later, you don’t know that you are committing a crime against the shareholders’ agreement in your own company. You are naive and think that there will never be any trouble, Forsberg says Break it.

The expert’s three quick ways to keep stocks

Forsberg has three tips that she thinks shareholders should remember:

  • Don’t forget the prenuptial agreement.
  • Don’t forget the yield in the prenuptial agreement.
  • Don’t forget that you can never force a prenuptial agreement or change it unless both of you want it.
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