TIM: shops become “Purple Points” to combat gender violence

TIM shops become Purple Points to combat gender violence

(Finance) – TIM takes to the field again alongside the women. Having recently launched Women Plus, an app designed to support women’s employment, the Group led by Pietro Labriola presented a new initiative, this time involving its network of sales outlets. Taking advantage of its capillarity throughout the territory, TIM will make its stores available to accelerate the spread of the network of “Purple Points”, safe places that DonneXStrada, the non-profit association for street safety and against gender violence is taking it across the country. The staff of the over 200 stores owned by the company have been adequately trained and sensitized to provide initial assistance and help spread awareness and tools to combat gender violence. The initiative represents a new step forward “Equality cannot wait”, the TIM project that aims to support, at 360 degrees, female empowerment, because, as the initiative’s manifesto underlines, “an Italy that wants to grow needs the talent, passion, courage and commitment of all everyone” and it is therefore necessary to ‘connect’ to “overcome stereotypes, offer opportunities to women and combat gender violence”. This is also why the Group aims to further grow the project created with DonneXStrada: at today’s launch event, in fact, Marco Sanza, CEO of TIM Retail, launched a “call to action” to also raise awareness among the indirect sales network to join the project.

“We want to leverage the social value of our stores and their presence throughout the national territory, from the streets of the most important Italian cities, to the stations and shopping arcades – he declared Without –. The project also encourages the development of those transversal and relational skills of our sales people which are necessary to support people who may find themselves in dangerous situations. But we want to do more: this is why we also invite the entire franchising sales network to join this initiative.”

“This is a project, which was born with the collaboration of the DonneXStrada association. It is a project – he explained Massimiliano Chinzari, TIM Commercial Consumer manager – which we immediately believed in and on which we are already working: a few weeks ago we began to certify the first 30 points of sale on Italian territory and we will reach over 200. We are talking, first of all, about the owned shops, then about the direct shops , within which there are professionals, sales staff who not only deal with business but who are certified by the DonneXStrada association. These commercial establishments thus become safe places. We really tackle the issue of gender violence head on with the desire to make an active contribution to the association’s objective.”

“The collaboration between DonneXStrada and TIM represents the concrete commitment of a company that really wants to change things. I am enthusiastic about TIM’s support, which is fundamental for a non-profit association like ours and for the whole of society: together we can contribute to an increasingly necessary change”, he added Laura De Dilectis, founder of DonneXStrada and CEO of the startup VIOLA.

TIM presented its new project within the 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, the inter-company marathon on inclusion conceived and promoted by TIM, in whose fourth edition over 400 partners participate: on the 4w4i website it will be possible to see the presentation of the project, that of Women Plus and all the other events of the initiative.