TikTok Notes: what is this new app that is preparing to compete with Instagram?

TikTok Notes what is this new app that is preparing

TikTok is preparing to compete with Instagram. The Chinese giant is preparing a new photo-based application called “TikTok Notes”.

TikTok seems determined to conquer the world! Its parent company, ByteDance, is preparing to launch a brand new application and is already promoting it within TikTok. Its goal ? Succeed in competing with the giant Instagram in the field of online photo hosting.

Although ByteDance has not yet formalized the arrival of its new application, the firm has been increasing the number of clues and promotional messages to its users in recent weeks. Several owners of the TikTok application have received a strange message inviting them to prepare for the release of a new application called “TikTok Notes”.

© TikTok / ByteDance

The window states that users should be ready for the release of TikTok Notes. The application is described as “a new app for posting photos”. Users are already invited to choose whether they want their TikTok with photos to be transferred there or not.

What is “TikTok Notes”?

TikTok Notes presents itself as an application designed around photography. There is no mention (yet) of videos, but the application already seems prepared to work around its big sister, TikTok. We can imagine that users will be able to register using their TikTok account in order to find all their contacts.

TikTok Notes is a lot like Instagram on paper: an app with a profile where you can follow those around you, post photos, comment on them and share them online.

The arrival of an application focused on photography could well appeal to many users and in particular a very specific audience: amateur photographers. For several months now, Instagram has been singled out for its new algorithm which puts more emphasis on videos, to the detriment of photographs. TikTok Notes could well have an up-to-date map in this area by establishing itself as the new reference application for budding photographers.

When is the TikTok Notes release date?

TikTok still remains very evasive about the release of its next application. Contacted by several media outlets such as TheVerge and TechCrunch, the firm did not wish to provide information regarding the arrival of its new application focused on photos.

The appearance of a “pop-up” window which alerts users of the arrival of “TikTok Notes” is, however, a good indicator that the application is on track for an upcoming release. It remains to be seen whether the latter will be available internationally on Android and iOS phones.