TikTok announced its digital avatar system

TikTok managed to break new ground by spending 10 billion

The rumors that emerged turned out to be true. One of the world’s most popular social networks TikTokdigital avatar system announced.

These realistic digital avatars, supported by productive artificial intelligence, are designed for individuals or companies to use especially in advertising content. TikTok is starting this new process with two different types of avatars. Here we offer avatars based on real actors and custom avatars based on existing creators or people who already do business with brands. These digital avatars read manually uploaded text in the selected language And In this way, advertising content can be produced much faster. In its statement, the company says that the new productive artificial intelligence feature will help content creators reach more people. This digital avatar system, which will become more advanced over time, is currently only available in certain countries and certain languages. Last month, the attack on the official TikTok account of many famous names, as well as the company, made a stir. Last month, the platform among its security teams Paris Hilton, CNN And sonyThey announced that they have eliminated a situation/problem that led to attacks on the accounts of many high-profile celebrities and brands, including the accounts of . Not much information was given about this, but most of the accounts were recovered before any serious problems occurred. As far as it is reported, this malicious attack was carried out by hackers on TikTok. It centered on malware delivered via the direct message system..