Tightening of gambling advertising is stopped in committee

Tightening of gambling advertising is stopped in committee

Published: Just now

full screen Game advertising in Stockholm’s subway. Archive image. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

The culture committee in the Riksdag says no to several parts of the previous government’s proposal for strengthened regulation of the gaming market.

A proposal on changed rules regarding moderation in the marketing of games as well as a termination of the Swedish-Finnish agreement on slot machines on ferries in regular scheduled traffic must be dismissed, while the rest is accepted, writes the committee.

The proposal for moderate marketing was intended to take into account how risky the game in question is, but the committee believes it risks eroding the market for the players who actually take their responsibility. The committee points out that a practice that produces sufficient effect is emerging in the area.

The Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Green Party object in a reservation to the committee’s no to moderate marketing, with the justification that the risk of a game should be weighed into the overall assessment.

The bill was submitted by the previous government in May.

On Wednesday, the Riksdag will vote on the proposal.