Tiana: the candidate of the Star Academy eliminated

Tiana the Star Academy candidate still saved by the public

TIANA STAR ACADEMY. The youngest of this 2022 class of Star Academy, Tiana, was eliminated at the gates of the final.

[Mis à jour le 21 novembre 2022 à 10h28] Eliminated at the gates of the final: the youngest of Star Academy, Tiana, was eliminated on Saturday November 19, at the end of a bonus which was to give the poster for the final of this season 2022. After the evaluations of the week, the faculty had announced the season’s first finalist. And it was Louis who won his ticket, his five comrades were therefore in danger and risked elimination on Saturday at the end of the bonus.

This week, during the evaluations, Tiana had decided to cover the song Fly by Céline Dion, before delivering an artistic creation for which she had called on her comrades. Successful evaluations according to the faculty, but which did not allow Tiana to be sent to the final. For Yanis Marshall, it was a “great assessment”, when Michael Goldman found that she had put on a “great performance. She has such a pretty voice.” Laure Balon finds that “vocally, she takes off, she gives her all, and she continues to want to take off.”

Saturday November 19, on the Star Academy prime, Tiana tried, in vain, to convince TF1 viewers with a duet with Camélia Jordana on the song Winner Mistral.

Who is Tiana, the youngest of Star Academy 2022?

At just 18 years old, she is the youngest of this Star Academy promotion of 2022: Tiana. 21 years after its very first edition, the cult TF1 show returned on Saturday October 15, with the presentation of the 13 new faces of its promotion. And so among them, Tiana, the youngest of the competition, who, at only 18 years old, was therefore not born when the show was originally launched.

The young woman from Meaux, in Seine-et-Marne, is embarking on the competition a little blind, as she confided to France Blue before the prime. It must be said that Tiana has never taken singing lessons and has only recently been singing in front of her family: “I have been singing since I was very young, but in my room. We started doing karaoke with the family and my aunts, my uncles began to see that I had talent.”

She is therefore aware of her weaknesses: “I will have to take singing lessons because I think I have a lot to learn”, but that does not prevent her from wanting to go very far in the competition. Tiana indeed has the spirit of competition that she draws from football, a sport that she practices assiduously.