Thunberg detained in The Hague

Greta Thunberg has been arrested by Dutch police after she, along with other climate activists, blocked a main road in The Hague to protest fossil fuel subsidies.

Photos from the scene show how Thunberg, dressed in a gray top, black pants and blue shoes, is being dragged away by several police officers.

When asked if she was concerned about the police’s actions and arrest, Thunberg replied: “Why would I be?”, reports the AFP news agency.

Arrested – again

Later in the afternoon, the Swedish climate activist was arrested again. This after returning to the demonstrations after being released by the police.

Dozens of police have tried to stop protesters from entering the A12 motorway to the Dutch coastal city, where the activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) also carried out climate actions on Saturday.

The protesters have carried placards with messages such as “end fuel subsidies now!” and “the planet is dying!”, AFP reports.

Thunberg has been convicted twice before precisely for disobedience to law enforcement.

She is also suspected of disobeying the authorities in connection with a demonstration outside the Riksdag building in Stockholm in mid-March.