three police officers sentenced to 15 months suspended prison sentence for the death of Amadou Koumé

three police officers sentenced to 15 months suspended prison sentence

The three police officers prosecuted for the death of Amadou Koumé, during his arrest in March 2015, were sentenced to fifteen months in prison suspended, this Tuesday, September 20, 2022, by the Paris Criminal Court.

Amadou Koumé, a 33-year-old father, died after an eventful arrest in a bar in the capital, when he was having a dementia attack. The police officers were found guilty of manslaughter, the police officer responsible for the strangulation keys, the one who kept Amadou Koumé face down for more than 6 minutes, and the major in charge of operations that evening. All three were found guilty, guilty of having badly executed acts of which they knew the dangerousness, also guilty of not having worried about the state of health of the thirty-something, after a violent arrest.

After my brother, there have been many more deaths »

Hearing the word guilty, of course, is a satisfaction in such a case, believes Me Eddy Arneton, lawyer for the Koumé family. His family now knows precisely the circumstances in which he died, and also know that his death was due to police officials. »

The three men each received a 15-month suspended prison sentence. That’s more than what the prosecution was asking for. Habi, the sister of Amadou Koumé, especially hopes that this judgment will be useful for something. “ Fifteen months suspended sentence, two months suspended sentence, that doesn’t change anything, because we knew very well that there would be no prison. But it’s already good, and maybe they’ll be more careful next time. That’s what you have to say too. Unfortunately, after my brother, there have been many more deaths, and that is what is unfortunate. The three police officers could appeal this decision.

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