Three fires in Skåne in a short time: “Separate events”

Three fires in Skane in a short time Separate events
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A shop and a food cart in Malmö and an old cafe in Höganäs.

Everything started to burn in the space of 42 minutes during the night of Saturday.

The police initially see no connection between the fires.

The first alarm came from Holma in Malmö at 01:34.

There, a small convenience store caught fire after witness reports of a previous explosion.

– On arrival, the shop was burning with open flames. We extinguished the fire and aired out the smoke, says Torbjörn Boklund, alarm and command officer at the rescue service.

The residents higher up in the building did not need to be evacuated. There are no reports of personal injuries.

– We suspect that the fire is arson and have filed a report of arson, says Jerker Olsson, police officer on duty.

Food cart at Värnhem

At 02.16 the alarm came about the next fire in Malmö. A food cart at Värnhem was completely destroyed. There is also information about a previous explosion, according to the rescue service.

– The fire was fully developed when we arrived, says Torbjörn Boklund.

Old cafe in Höganäs

Between the two fires in Malmö, at 01:45, a shop and an old cafe on Västra Parkgatan in Höganäs in northwestern Scania burned.

– The building is completely damaged and two apartments higher up in the multi-family building are affected, mainly by smoke, says Peter Hjort, officer on duty at the rescue service.

There are no reports of personal injuries. The residents of the apartments had evacuated on their own when the fire brigade arrived.

Investigated separately

The police initially see no connection between the three fires and are investigating them separately.

– We have investigated possible connections but have not found any. Right now it is being investigated as three separate incidents, says Jerker Olsson, duty officer at the police’s regional command center.

Despite the rescue service’s information about explosions in connection with the two fires in Malmö, there were initially no indications that they were caused by explosive charges.

– There are many things that can explode if a fire starts, says Jerker Olsson.