Three are charged – discovered with 300 kilos of drugs



Under the flatbed of the converted truck were bags with nearly 300 kilos of drugs. Now three men suspected of extremely serious drug smuggling are being charged.

The smuggling attempt was discovered when the men, in two vehicles, arrived in Gothenburg by ferry from Kiel in mid-February.

In one of the vehicles, a light truck, the Customs found 122.7 kilograms of amphetamine and 170.8 kilograms of cannabis resin, which had been hidden in a so-called lead cradle under the flatbed.

According to the agency, the narcotics would have an abuse value of approximately SEK 46 million.

There was also a spray in the driver’s cab that was said to repel cats and dogs.

But it turned out not to work very well.

“The whole lot was sprayed with a colorless liquid that smelled strongly of citrus. But the Swedish Customs Service’s search dog marked directly on the vehicle where the narcotics were hidden,” says Marcus Carlsson, deputy director at the Swedish Customs Service’s Criminal Division West, in a press release.