Thousands of Russians flee to Finland – “Mischa” did not manage to cross the border

Last minute The world stood up after Putins decision in

Putin’s announcement yesterday that more Russians are to be mobilized for the war in Ukraine has led to many Russians now trying to get out of Russia via the Finnish-Russian border, and there is bubbling anxiety. SVT has spoken to some of those waiting at the Finnish border.

When “Mischa” found out about the “partial mobilization” he was on his way to work but instead he made the decision to leave Moscow immediately.

– I agree with the order about those who are not allowed to leave the country that was published yesterday, so I want to leave here as soon as possible, he says.

“Mischa’s” plan is to go to Portugal where he will apply for a work visa. But he didn’t cross the Finnish border today, first he has to wait for his Schengen visa which comes into effect tomorrow.

– All my friends and relatives are against this war. Right now everyone is scared, he tells SVT’s correspondent Liselott Lindström and photographer Ghadi Boustani.

He continues.

– Unfortunately, the country that had as its main value to stand against fascism itself became a fascist country.

See the feature from the Finnish border in the video above.