thousands of people on the streets to protest against gender-based violence

thousands of people on the streets to protest against gender based

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday throughout France to denounce the dysfunctions of justice in the fight against gender-based and sexual violence, and in particular to demand a “framework law” against “impunity” for the aggressors.

Five years after the emergence of the #MeToo movement, nearly 90 associations, unions or left-wing parties have called for a ” tidal wave in the street to shout our anger “. In Paris, several thousand people began to march around 2:30 p.m. from Place de la République to Place de la Nation. “ We are strong, we are proud and feminist and radical and angry chanted protesters, while others shouted ” meToo everywhere, justice nowhere “.

On placards, uniformly purple, the emblematic color of the gathering, one could read in particular “dominant male, who do you think you are? “, “stop the culture of rape” or “believing the victims save lives”.

What angers us is the impunity of the aggressors and the mistreatment reserved for the victims “When they file a complaint, explained Maëlle Noir, member of #NousToutes who coordinates the organization of the parades.

The associations are calling for a public budget of two billion euros per year

We are protesting because gender-based and sexual violence in 2022 is always happening, everywhere and all the time. Every year, 295,000 women are victims of violence from their spouse. We have a feminicide every two days. We have one person in ten who is a victim of incest. And we realize more and more that the President of the Republic and his governments are completely out of step with the expectations of society, deplores Diane Richard, of the collective #NousToutes. The justice system absolutely does not answer these questions, since when the victims lodge a complaint or go to court to assert their rights, the institutions massively reject their word. »

We demonstrate today to pay tribute to the victims “, insisted for her part Sandrine Bouchait, of the National Union of Families of Femicide (UNFF), for whom” feminicides are the top of the pyramid of sexual and gender-based violence “and whose association asks for the relatives” victim status with psychological and financial support “.

More generally, the associations are calling for a public budget of two billion euros per year, but also for a “framework law” which would notably establish “specialized brigades and courts”, financial aid for the “security” of women victims. , 15,000 additional accommodation places or the strengthening of education in sexual and affective life at school.

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