Thousands got rid of thousands of notes when withdrawing

Thousands got rid of thousands of notes when withdrawing

Published: Less than 40 min ago

fullscreenForex is working to replace thousands of customers who lost large sums of money when exchanging money. Archive image. Photo: Helena Landstedt/TT

Between 4,000 and 5,000 customers who exchanged money in a Forex machine over the weekend have been temporarily out of thousands of kroner. When withdrawing, sometimes a quadruple amount was withdrawn for the transaction.

– It is a technical error that has been unexpectedly difficult to remedy, says Tom Friberg, head of communications at Forex.

The majority of withdrawals have taken place in the Nordics and few have been replaced. The forecast for when they can get their money back has been moved both forward and backward, which is because it is not Forex themselves that handles the transactions.

– This takes up pretty much all of our time now, at least ten people are doing their best to get everyone their money back as quickly as possible. The customers have not done anything wrong and we naturally take responsibility for this, even if the technical fault lies with our suppliers, says Tom Friberg.