Thor 4, a shark movie starring Chris Hemsworth (!) and 8 seasons of a top sitcom

Thor 4 a shark movie starring Chris Hemsworth and

The Chris Hemsworth weeks are apparently starting at Disney+ and that’s not bad news. The launch of Thor next month and only a few weeks after the theatrical release was already known. The Disney+ press release for the September program now also includes a mysterious shark film with the muscular Australian.

Coming soon to Disney+: what’s behind the shark movie with Chris Hemsworth?

In the National Geographic production Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth (yes, that’s the title) is about Chris Hemsworth and sharks. The official description: “Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth has been an avid surfer since a young age and is familiar with the dangers of sharks. The documentary follows him to Australia’s shark hotspot Byron Bay.” Exciting!

In addition, comedy fans can look forward to the last 8 seasons of Modern Family. Disney+ is also replenishing its FX inventory: American Crime Story seasons 1 and 2 are on sale. And then there’s the Star Wars series Andor.

The complete Disney + offer in September at a glance

7th of September

  • The Birth of Valerie Venus (Star) – Short Film
  • Da Yie (Star) – Short Film
  • The Devil’s Harmony (Star) – Short Film
  • Enjoy (Star) – short film
  • Hard Way (Star) – Short film
  • Harbor (Star) – Short film
  • The Letter Room (Star) – Short Film
  • Mumatar (Star) – short film
  • Nimic (Star) – short film
  • Patriot (Star) – short film
  • Salam (Star) – Short Film
  • We love Moses (Star) – Short film
  • Wren Boys (Star) – Short Film
  • Ducktales – Season 3 (Disney)

  • Europe from Above – Season 3 (National Geographic)

  • Happy to Deadly – Hubert and Staller – Season 10 (Star)

  • September 8th

  • Thor 4: Love and Thunder (+ a making of the film)

  • Pinocchio
  • Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth (National Geographic)
  • Welcome to the Club (a new short film from The Simpsons)
  • A making-of special on Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • September 14th

    21st September

    September 23rd

    September 28th

    30. September

    *. . .