This year’s Christmas present 2022: The home-knitted garment

This years Christmas present 2022 The home knitted garment

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Last year it was an event ticket.

This year, this year’s Christmas present represents both warmth and consideration.

This year’s gift is the home-knitted garment.

Storm kitchen, mobile box, recycled garment and electric bicycle are some of the things that have become this year’s Christmas present this past year.

The 2022 Christmas present represents warmth in a troubled time – the home-knitted garment.

– Like a warm hug in product form, says Emma Hernell, CEO at HUI Research about the appointment to TT.

HUI selects this year’s Christmas gift based on three categories. It should represent the times we live in, be a novelty or something that has regained attention and an item that sold well during the year.

Shall touch the present

This year shows a renewed interest in crafts, according to Emma Hernell.

– And perhaps above all, we see that young people are catching on to this trend.

Stefan Nilsson, trend expert, is a little surprised and says that this year’s Christmas present should touch on something that is relevant in the times in which we find ourselves.

– It’s war, it’s the environment, it’s the economy, there’s a lot of unrest out there. I got stuck in my thoughts about the energy issue, if we could give each other solar cells we would probably have it under the tree, but now it’s probably a bit too big, so I landed in warm clothes, underwear I thought and you can say that this the garment is also part of it, says Stefan Nilsson.

What do you think of this year’s Christmas present? Would you be happy with a knitted sweater? Can you knit yourself? Share your thoughts about the Christmas gift!

  • This year’s Christmas present is just a PR trick, for the trade. There is no reality to these fabrications. This year’s Christmas present is a hug!

    The peace

  • The Swedish people are never satisfied, we have to start thinking now that times are getting tougher. Merry Christmas🌲


  • When you were little you hated soft packages. I wanted space rockets, cars, Nintendo and singing.

    Now that you are an adult, you want soft packages. When I see my mother knitting and realize how much time and love she puts in, there is nothing more precious in my heart.

    Today’s kids also want soft packs these days. Hip bags, gucci clothes and the like. Give them a knitted sweater with a unicorn on it.

    Ferhat Misto

  • But more seriously, the year’s Christmas gift must be given to charity. Are there products from save the children and so on so it can be classified as consumption for HUI.


  • This year’s Christmas present is a damn bad idea…have never ever bought a Christmas present for someone this year…mostly buy things that you hear during the year what loved ones need.


  • Yes, sacrificial cardigans have been popular for the last 10 years, so why not?


  • I had guessed slippers now when everyone has to lower the temperature inside😊


  • From someone who absolutely cannot knit, I really welcome a warm and cozy Christmas present from those who can knit. Santa, bring it to me


  • This year’s Christmas present is even higher interest, food prices, fuel prices and electricity prices! Merry Christmas!

    The government

  • As an avid knitter, I am super excited about this year’s Christmas present! This does not mean that I will give everyone knitted garments for Christmas, someone might get a pair of nice socks or nice mittens.

    The knitter

  • Rag socks and mittens would be nice for the winter if there is one. Good Christmas gift choice.


  • Are there really people who are paid to sit and guess this kind of nonsense?

    Surely there must be more sensible things to do?


  • Absolutely wonderful that it was a “double” as it also became the sustainable Christmas gift of the year!


  • I have been struggling with a cardigan for my mother for about 2 months. Has the sleeves left. She wanted it, and it’s so fun to be able to create something with your own hands.

    And many write that “who wants a sweater?” You can knit stuffed animals and lots of other things that children appreciate!

    More crafts for the people!


  • Damn all those home-knitted garments! In an age of commercialism and materialism, I can’t think of anything more valuable than the fact that someone has actually chosen to put effort and time into creating something personal for me. There is nothing more heartwarming. Cheers to homemade and unique Christmas gifts!


  • Yes you Santa Claus….ask around among the children one day when it’s -20 degrees. You’d probably be surprised how many people would be happy for a knitted sweater.


  • No thanks! No knitted garments! Don’t even buy knitted sweaters at the store. Home knitted itch.

    I would like food, a winter jacket and movie tickets for the kids for Christmas if Santa really existed

    Bran bran bran

  • Put the whole thing down with this year’s Christmas present, it’s just one more thing for the trade to make money. This year’s Christmas present is pure shit 💩

    Anders Wilhelm Persson

  • Time is money, and it will be an incredibly expensive Christmas present if you can’t knit..


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    full screen The home-knitted garment is this year’s Christmas present. Photo: SUVAD MRKONJIC/TT


    Christmas gift of the year since 1988

    1988: Baking machine

    1989: Video camera

    1990: Wok

    1991: CD player

    1992: Video Games

    1993: A scent (perfume)

    1994: Mobile phone

    1995: CD

    1996: Internet package

    1997: Electronic Pet

    1998: Computer games

    1999: Book

    2000: DVD player

    2001: Tools

    2002: Cookbook

    2003: Hat

    2004: Flat TV

    2005: Poker set

    2006: Audiobook

    2007: GPS receiver

    2008: An experience

    2009: Nail mat

    2010: Tablet

    2011: Pre-packaged food bag

    2012: Headphones

    2013: Raw juice centrifuge

    2014: Training bracelet

    2015: Robot vacuum cleaner

    2016: VR glasses

    2017: Electric bicycle

    2018: Recycled garment

    2019: Mobile box

    2020: The storm kitchen

    2021: The event ticket

    2022: The home-knitted garment

    Source: HUI Research

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