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This was the most amazing performance in the athletics championship

In the athletics championship halls in Tampere, a tough result was seen on Sunday, when Nathalie Blomqvist pinged at breakneck speed at 3,000 meters. Blomqvist ran the Finnish record of 8:49.25 over the long indoor track.

22-year-old Blomqvist, who had successful winter training in the mountains of South Africa, was surprised by his time.

– I set out to aim for 8.50 and it fell short. I am really happy with this. However, almost on his own initiative, Blomqvist told Urheilu.

Ran second in the race Ilona Mononenwith whom Blomqvist collaborated in the beginning.

– Ilona and I had planned that we would pull the tide, that we would have the best possible time and both would benefit. That was helpful. It felt like it went well today.

On a short track, the Finnish record for an indoor track is by Camilla Richardsson in the name at 8:53,60. The previous Finnish record for the extra-long track was by Sandra Eriksson 8:59,65.

Sports expert Tuomas Raja described Blomqvist’s speed as international. According to Raja, the show was Sunday’s hardest show.

– Blomqvist’s bet was incredibly hard. The 3,000 meter dash was definitely a tough thing today. Hilla to Uusimä the comeback in the form of a Finnish record was also great, and it wasn’t Elmo Lakka too bad, Raja described the day.

Uusimäki won the Finnish championship in 300 meters with a time of 39.70. Lakka, on the other hand, broke his record in the 60-meter hurdles with a result of 7.63. He was only a hundredth of a head short of the straight line in Glasgow 1.–3. to the World Championships in March. However, it looks like Lakka is going to the games.

Pious transgressors

Aturi Reetta Hurske couldn’t be at his best after the broken reign. Hurske injured his leg in the Polish indoor competition when he lost his balance and fell violently against the third fence.

Last year, Hurskee, who ran the Finnish record of 7.79, did not have a result before the Tampere indoor games. On Sunday, he clocked 8.02 in the heats and 8.06 in the final.

– Leave your coat, but I am satisfied that I reached the finish line, I dared to run and I ran reasonably, Hurske told Urheilu.

Have a safe trip to Spain

However, Hurske admitted that the times were not at the desired level. He will compete once more before the World Championships in Glasgow. Aituri especially hopes that he will be able to train properly. Hurske has not run a single longer race since mid-January.

– Of course, I go to the World Cup with very high goals, but I have to be kind in a certain way. Hall season has not gone as we planned. The most important thing is to stay healthy and fit so that I can train properly towards the summer.

According to Raja, it is great that Hurskee still has the opportunity to compete in Spain before the main goal of the Halli period, i.e. the World Championships.

– The Polish volte was so wild that it was above all great that he actually got the competition season started. Surely subconsciously he was thinking about how the run would go, Raja commented.

Nooralotta Neziri was second in the SC final with a time of 8.16 and Vilma Mäki third with a record of 8.25. According to Nezir, the after-effects of the recently vaccinated flu were still visible in Tampere.

– I am clearly suffering from the flu. The run was ineffective. There was a good rise here and now a small drop came along with the flu. Hopefully in Berlin we will be 8 seconds on time on Friday, Neziri referred to the future in SUL’s press release.

Neziri pointed to the fact that he already managed to finish in 8.06 before the flu hit and ate up his power. Neziri has a good chance to participate in the World Cup halls, but he has not decided whether he will go there.

– I was still wondering if I should go. If I leave, I want to pursue further positions. Now I want to see if I can get one up and running.

To the World Championships under the leadership of Murro

Finland nominated for the World Championships on Sunday evening Wilma Murron to pole vault, Reetta Hurskeen to fences and Saga Vannisen to the pentathlon.

– In addition, there are athletes who are in a pretty secure ranking position. The ranking situation will be updated on Wednesday, and then we will know the final team for the World Cup, Sports Confederation GM Jani Tanskanen says to Urheilu.

According to Tanskanen, there are relatively certain seven athletes in the Games. This can be completed with 1–3 athletes. The situation of a few athletes in the ranking is very different.

– Samuli Samuelsson, Lotta Kemppinen and Ella JunnilaTanskanen also lists and mentions the average distances for 1 500 meters.

– The Finnish team will go to the games under the leadership of Wilma Murro. He is undoubtedly a strong medal favorite, expert Raja Povaa.

Sunday’s championship competitions in Tampere

Here are Sunday’s winners of the SM halls:


200 m Aino Pulkkinen 23.86
800 m Sara Lappalainen 2:05.90
3,000 m Nathalie Blomqvist 8:49,25
60 m aj. Reetta Hurske 8.06
300 m aj. Hilla Uusimäki 39.70
3-jump Kristiina Mäkelä 13.58
Height Ella Junnila 182
5 match Jessica Rautel’s 4,008


200 m Samuel Purola 21.05
800 m Aleksi Kivelä 1:52,22
3,000 m Mika Kotiranta 8:02,34
60 m aj. Elmo Lakka 7.63
300 m aj. Antti Sainio 35.62
Length Kasperi Vehmaa 779
Seiväs Urho Kujanpää 558
Ball Arttu Korkeasalo 18,10
7 match Aleksi Savolainen 5,429

You can find a list of all Saturday’s medalists in this article.