This very well-known video game becomes an 8-episode series, it’s one of the must-sees of the month

This very well known video game becomes an 8 episode series its

This ultra-popular video game is becoming a science fiction series that fans absolutely won’t want to miss. This is the big streaming release of the week.

Adaptations of video games into television series are on the rise. After The Last of Us, it is another classic which is entitled to its rereading in several episodes. For fans, but also for others, it is one of the unmissable events of the month of April which promises to create an event when it is released. The plot of the series is slightly different from that of the various games released since the end of 1997, but is enough to make you salivate.

The plot takes place 200 years after the apocalypse, while two worlds oppose each other: the Vault, in which some of the richest inhabitants are sheltered in bunkers, and the wastelands, the irradiated world, particularly hostile. At a press conference, the creator of the series, Geneva Robertson-Dowret, assured that the series had a “particular tone and mixes action, comedy, and the strange” with “incredibly innovative” themes. . For Jonathan Nolan (Westworld), also at the origin of this production, it “dares to look the world in the face and evokes the end of the world with a certain sense of humor”.

© JoJo Whilden/Prime Video

You probably recognized it, it’s the video game fallout which is here adapted for the small screen. Since 1997, this series of RPG video games has been very popular on PC. Several episodes have been released over the last 20 years, including the unmissable fallout 3 (2004) and the last, Fallout 76dating from 2018. This video game saga takes as its setting the United States ravaged by a global nuclear war, which saw the appearance of mutant creatures.

To adapt fallout in series, the showrunners (including Jonathan Nolan, to whom we owe Westworld, but also Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner) chose to follow several characters: Lucy, a naive and idealistic inhabitant of the Vault, who seeks to go to the surface in the hope of saving her father; Maximus, a soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel faction, who intends to bring order to the wastelands; Ghoul, a mysterious bounty hunter who has managed to survive all these years in this postapocalyptic world.

In the casting, there are familiar faces from the small and big screen that viewers will be able to recognize: Ella Purnell, seen in Yellowjacketsplays Lucy, when Walton Goggins, unforgettable in The eight bastards, plays Ghoul. Kyle MachLachlan Twin Peaks and Aron Moten ofEmancipation are also in the casting. Made up of eight episodes of approximately one hour, the series fallout is released in its entirety on Prime Video, Amazon’s subscription streaming platform, on April 11, 2024.