This unusual reason that pushes some couples not to go to a restaurant for Valentine’s Day

This unusual reason that pushes some couples not to go

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    The French have increasingly strong bonds with their pets. They therefore do not intend to leave them aside on February 14, for Valentine’s Day. Which pushes them to adapt their program accordingly, according to a recent survey.

    Nearly 70% of dog and/or cat owners have planned to have dinner with their significant other for Valentine’s Day. However, they will not go to a restaurant to celebrate Lovers’ Day: they will stay at home so as not to leave their little companion alone at home.

    Pet parents make sure to include their pet in their Valentine’s Day plans because they consider them a true member of the family. The majority of those questioned as part of this Ultra Premium Direct* survey say they have already shared a romantic moment with their little one, whether it was a marriage proposal or a candlelit dinner.

    Being attractive thanks to your pet

    Because pets are true bond creators. Seven out of ten pet parents believe that their dog or cat strengthens the connection they have with their partner. But that’s not all. These adorable balls of fur prove to be a real asset of seduction. Some 40% of respondents say they have already been flirted with while walking their pet.

    For good reason, pets, and more particularly dogs, allow meetings and social mixing. Studies have shown that people feel more comfortable approaching a stranger when they have a dog with them. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the presence of an animal helps inspire a feeling of confidence.

    It is therefore not surprising that more than 75% of the “pet parents” surveyed find other pet owners particularly attractive. This marked preference even becomes, in certain cases, a romantic preference. Thus, 87% of respondents say that they attach importance to maintaining a romantic relationship with someone who, like them, loves animals.

    *This survey was conducted by the Ultra Premium Direct brand in February 2024, among a sample of 1,429 dog and/or cat owners, who are part of their customer base.