This unexpected effect of social networks on friendship

This unexpected effect of social networks on friendship

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    Marie Lanen

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    If social networks allow you to be connected to the whole world; they can also have serious adverse effects, particularly on mental health. More unexpectedly, they would also be harmful to female friendships.

    Social networks are part of our daily lives. If some people favor a break for their mental health, others, on the contrary, are addicted to it and cannot break away. Some negative effects of social networks are already known such as addiction, low self-esteem, social pressure, etc. According to a study published by Evolutionary Psychology, the interactions we have with our friends via social networks are not always positive. An unexpected effect which would affect women more.

    Female jealousy in the digital age

    Sharing your moments of life with your community on social networks is commonplace today. So, you are aware almost in real time that your girlfriend has just gotten engaged or is going on a trip to Bali with other friends in a magnificent 3-star hotel… Social networks “allow us to see our friends doing activities with others – in stories of parties where we are not invited […] to cool places, when we’re home alone – and force us to watch our friends interact with others in real time in situations where we’re not included“, explains the study. This is how jealousy appears in our friendly relationships. This uncontrolled jealousy concerns young women (between 24 and 35 years old) more widely than men. On the other hand, the researchers specify that the people most affected by this phenomenon remain those suffering from anxiety-depressive disorders.

    The result of our study is that social networks are not always positive. They can cause jealousy which impacts mental health. With this in mind, we should pay just as much attention to our online interactions as we do our face-to-face interactions.“, specifies the author of the study Tracy Vaillancourt.

    Good in his body, good in his head!

    Social networks and mental health: dangerous connections

    If more and more scientific research demonstrates that social networks have a significant impact on mental health; certain studies also reveal an improvement in self-esteem linked to a better representation of diversity. Whether good or bad, social networks nonetheless remain an everyday tool that we must learn to use in order to get the best out of it and ignore its dark sides. Let’s not forget that influencers’ Instagram accounts remain a showcase and a marketing object. Real life is sometimes very different but no less beautiful!