This ultra-effective facial treatment for smoothing the skin is sold every 5 minutes in pharmacies

This ultra effective facial treatment for smoothing the skin is sold

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    Are you looking for a gentle cleansing product for your skin? Discover the must-have of the moment, both effective and respectful of your skin.

    The time has come for skincare and the desire to take care of your skin. However, between dryness, redness, irritation… choosing a suitable product can be quite a complex task, especially for those with sensitive skin. Good news for you: a facial treatment, considered a flagship product in pharmacies, would have the capacity to cleanse and transform your skin texture in a short time. His plus? Derived from the beauty secrets of Japanese women, it is respectful of the skin and suitable even for the most sensitive. Ready to test it?

    What is this famous skin-friendly and “ultra-effective” product?

    Having become one of the best-selling products in pharmacies, the exfoliant “Magic Pschitt New Skin” from Garencia is renowned first of all for its healthy composition: it has a vegan formula, composed of 90% ingredients of natural origin, and without ingredients of animal origin. It is designed with soap-free plant-based cleansing bases, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It also obtains a score of 93/100 on the Yuka application.

    If this foam exfoliator is so popular, it is also for its results which seem to satisfy most users. In fact, on the Garencia website some of them claim to be won over by its texture “soft and pleasant”, and admit that the product allows the “skin renewal” in “refining it” and him “restores shine”. Thus, this micropeeling cleanser is ideal for brightening the complexion, smoothing the skin while soothing the epidermis. You can find it at the price of €31.20 on the Garencia website.


    To regenerate your skin without damaging your epidermis, Garancia recommends using this famous product once a day in the morning or evening after removing make-up, for deep cleansing.

    Some tips for using it:

    • Apply the exfoliant “Magic Pschitt New Skin” directly on dry skin by distributing 2 pumps of the product over the surface of your face;
    • Leave the foam to act for 30 seconds;
    • Rinse your face.

    That’s it and these few seconds are enough to deeply purify your skin!