This tip allows you to blend the blush if you were too heavy-handed.

This tip allows you to blend the blush if you

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    ​​A touch of blush a little too pronounced on the cheekbones, it happened so quickly! But fortunately, there is no need to redo your entire makeup. According to a TikTok user, there is even a simple tip to rectify the situation.

    Blush is a makeup product that is hard to live without. With him, we have sculpted cheekbones, a healthy glow and a rosy complexion! But because of an overenthusiastic brushstroke or a poorly lit bathroom, it is common to have a slightly heavy hand, which could spoil your beauty look (hello sunburn effect!) .

    The mistake not to make (and that we have all tried)

    This hazardous application of blush is the whole subject of a post from @lookbookaly, a makeup-loving tiktoker. “We’ve all been in this situation of underestimating the pigmentation of blush.” she says. And yet, when this happens, we have the same reflex, however useless: we try to blend the pigment with a brush or a beauty blender, when in reality, we only spread the material without ever managing to reduce the pigmentation of the product.

    The right tip to use on TikTok

    But then how do you do it without starting your makeup from scratch, and without going out with a dark complexion? Rest assured, there is a technique.

    @lookbookaly recommends bringing a clean brush and foundation. All you have to do is place a little bit of foundation on the back of your hand and lightly pick it up with the brush. “You should not spread the foundation at all but just tap it. The brush will collect the excess pigment.indicates the young woman.

    And with the video to back it up, the young woman manages to hide excess blush and correct her complexion makeup without having to redo her entire beauty routine. A tip to know to save time. And keep your nerves.