This tattoo that Kim Kardashian kept secret for two years

This tattoo that Kim Kardashian kept secret for two years

While she was always reluctant to the idea, Kim Kardashian got her first tattoo which she kept secret for two years. How did she manage to hide him from the cameras?

In the new episode of reality TV The Kardashians broadcast this November 9, 2023, Kim Kardashian reveals that she got her first tattoo in the middle of the night, together with several of her friends. Discover the special location of this tattoo and its meaning.

Kim Kardashian got her tattoo on a whim

Two years. This is how long Kim Kardashian managed to hide her first tattoo. The reality TV star got the tattoo after presenting the show Saturday Night Live broadcast on October 9, 2021. It was her friends, as well as her sister Khloé Kardashian, who convinced her to go under the needle at 4:30 a.m.a few hours after sharing her first kiss with Pete Davidson, the one who would be her boyfriend for several months. “The night I hosted SNL, all my friends and I got tattoos together and everyone did them on their hands and I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m going to get a tattoo‘”, explained Kim Kardashian in the episode, before calling on tattoo artist JonBoy known for his fine and minimalist line drawings. “I finally put a sticker on a Bentley,” confessed the star, referring to the sentence she uttered in 2013 when a journalist asked her if she had tattoos.

Kim Kardashian has an infinity tattoo

In the episode broadcast on Hulu and Disney+, Kim Kardashian finally revealed her first tattoo: the infinity sign inked on the inside of his lower lip. “It’s nothing“, she stressed about the pain felt during the tattoo. “Nobody knows it, nobody sees it. I forget it, but every once in a while I floss and I see black and I wonder, ‘What is this black in my mouth?!‘”, said the former wife of Kanye West. For her first tattoo, would Kim Kardashian have been inspired by her half-sister Kendall Jenner? The model also has a tattoo in the same spot, with the word “MEOW” inked.