This sunscreen sold at Lidl did not obtain the average according to the Que Choisir tests

This sunscreen sold at Lidl did not obtain the average

When it comes to protecting ourselves from the sun’s rays, we often look for an effective product that won’t cost us a fortune. And that’s where Lidl’s Cien Sun brand SPF 30 sunscreen comes in.

With a rock-bottom price of just €6 for a 250ml bottle, or €24 per litre, Lidl’s Cien Sun brand SPF 30 sunscreen has become an attractive option for many consumers. But what do the experts really think? According to testing carried out by Que Choisir, Lidl’s sunscreen obtains an overall score of only 9.4 out of 20. Although it has effective UV protection, reaching a third of the UVB index, other aspects of this product are to be take into account.


In terms of cosmetic qualities, Cien Sun’s sunscreen leaves nothing to be desired. It appeals to testers with its pleasant texture and easy application, thus offering a pleasant experience to users. In addition, its fragrance is appreciated. However, the composition of this cream has some drawbacks.

Indeed, the label indicates the presence of eight allergens, which can be a problem for sensitive people. In addition, sunscreen contains a problematic sunscreen, octocrylene, which could degrade over time into an even more harmful compound, benzophenone. This worrying presence led Que Choisir to penalize the product.

When it comes to the environment, Lidl’s sunscreen only gets a “poor” rating. It contains several UV filters harmful to aquatic organisms, which can have a negative impact on marine ecosystems.

Nevertheless, Cien Sun’s sunscreen wins a few points thanks to its minimalist packaging, without overwrapping, and its favorable container/content ratio. However, a weak point is underlined: the remaining quantity of product at the end of the bottle is quite large, 10% of product wasted.

Despite its attractive price, it is important to take into consideration the different characteristics of Lidl’s sunscreen. Although it offers satisfactory UV protection and appreciable cosmetic qualities, its composition and its impact on the environment make it a product that may not be suitable for all consumers. They can turn to the Garnier Ambre Solaire Ocean Conservancy cream which costs twice as much but remains at a “reasonable” price of 12 euros. This one obtains a much better score of 14.1/20, in particular for its good respect for the environment.