This simple setting allowed me to boost the connection speed of my Playstation, it’s as quick as it is easy to activate

This simple setting allowed me to boost the connection speed

Downloading games or enjoying your titles online on your Playstation console requires a good connection. However, a simple small adjustment can improve the speed of the latter.

All gamers have already encountered problems with their internet connections. Although video game consoles are becoming more and more sophisticated, they are not immune to a bad signal from your internet router or your service provider. A shame when we know how data-intensive playing online video games can be.

The most connection-intensive games, such as competitive FPS or other massively multiplayer games, generally require a very good internet connection so that you can shine during your games. Let’s not even talk about game downloads which may require you to leave your console on for several hours to be sure you have correctly installed all the software data.


If you own a Playstation 5 or Playstation 4 console, there is a very easy setting to activate to improve the quality and speed of your internet connection. The latter is well hidden in the options of your console. However, it allows you to benefit from faster downloads and better stability during your online games… Provided that your internet box is compatible!

To improve your console’s connection, go to your Playstation settings. Then follow the Network menus > Configure internet connection > Select your Wi-Fi network and click on the options button for the console. There you will find an option “Wi-Fi frequency band” where, by default, 2.4 GHz is selected. So upgrade to 5 GHz to have a better connection speed as soon as your console reconnects to your internet box.

Note that not all boxes are compatible with 5 GHz frequency bands. If you notice that your console is no longer able to connect to the internet, you will need to return to the options and switch back to 2.4 GHz.