This simple gesture is absolutely necessary after cooking a steak, it will be much better

This simple gesture is absolutely necessary after cooking a steak

This valuable advice from the winner of the French Burger Cup is worth noting.

Cooking a steak seems like it should be easy at first, but in reality, it’s no easy feat. If you take care to take your piece of meat out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before cooking and to season it beforehand with fat (a knob of butter or a light drizzle of olive oil), salt and pepper , the perfect cooking of red meat can be difficult to obtain if you do not follow this crucial step, acclaimed by Anthony Pautrat, the winner of the French Burger Cup.

This is called “pulling the steak.” And this goes for any type of meat, whether it has been roasted in the oven or grilled in a pan: it is a matter of letting it rest before serving it. But back to our steak, once it is cooked to your liking, we “let it rest for one to two minutes so that the blood drains,” advises Anthony Pautrat. And the same goes for a roast, chicken, sausages or a lamb chop, and it can be up to an hour of waiting for a large piece of meat like a ham or a turkey.


You should absolutely not grill this stage because cooking tends to stiffen the flesh of the meat – it curls up and shrinks – and as a result, its juices concentrate in the heart of the piece. By waiting a few minutes for the flesh to de-stress, you get meat that is more tender, but also juicier and tastier! If you don’t have time to wait, here’s what could happen: by slicing your steak straight away, the juice won’t have had time to be soaked up by the meat and all the liquid inside. it will flow onto your plate… Too bad, you will lose all the interest in the juiciness of your dish.

What more could you ask for if not a little patience? If we must follow this rule, meats must be rested for approximately 10 to 20% of the equivalent of their cooking time. We will go from a rest of 2 to 10 minutes for a steak depending on its thickness to one to two hours for a large brisket… The objective is always the same: for the flesh of your meat to relax and for it keeps its juice. To keep it warm, you can choose to wrap it in aluminum foil for a few moments.