This scandalous and trashy series is finally back on streaming for new episodes

This scandalous and trashy series is finally back on streaming

This shocking and bloody series has also been extremely popular for several years. New episodes that are just as scandalous and political are finally available for streaming.

During its broadcast from 2011 to 2019, Game Of Thrones shocked viewers with sometimes very graphic scenes of sex or violence. But since then, another fiction can claim the title of the trashiest series on the small screen. Also very popular, it returns this week for a new season on the Prime Video streaming platform.

Since July 26, 2019, fans of The Boys constantly wonder what the series will have in store for them with each new season, as the program has sometimes pushed certain limits in scenes that are very disturbing to watch. This adaptation of the comics of the same name, by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, takes place in a fictional reality, where the Seven, characters with superpowers who work for a huge corporation, are recognized as superheroes.

© Jasper Savage/Prime Video

But, behind the scenes, there is nothing heroic about these super-people, since most of them are corrupt, perverse, disturbing, even psychopathic. A group of ordinary people then decide to uncover their secrets and reveal the true face of the Seven.

With such protagonists, shocking scenes multiply on screen. The series opens with the death (or rather the implosion into a pool of blood) of a woman who is run over by a super-fast superhero. From there, the trashy and disturbing scenes multiply: bodies explode regularly, there are very graphic superhero orgies (and which rarely end well), or even particularly disturbing dialogues between a fish man and a dolphin. . And again, we don’t tell you everything…

Beyond these scenes which made the trademark of The Boys, the series implicitly denounces the political excesses of American society, excessive militarization, the hypersexualization of women, but also capitalist society, the corruption of multinationals, excessive consumption, and the cynicism of certain societies ready to do anything to always more profit. A series that is certainly shocking, but far from stupid if we analyze the messages denounced behind the excessive violence. Season 4 of The Boys lands on Prime Video from June 13, 2024.