This retiree is building an XXL vehicle that will make all the children envious

This retiree is building an XXL vehicle that will make

In the United States, a retired engineer embarked on a somewhat crazy project: that of building a one-of-a-kind, and above all functional, car. Photo.

Americans are known for never taking half measures, especially when it comes to vehicles. With this, many people will see their childhood dreams come true, while others will recall their memories at the funfairs when they were waiting for their turn to ride the famous bumper cars. In Pennsylvania, a state in the northeastern United States, Dan Hryhorcoff, a retired septuagenarian who made a career as a mechanical engineer, had the idea of ​​building a bumper car in his garage. XXL, made from recycled parts.

A disproportionate project born during the pandemic

The automobile project of this American retiree emerged in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Interviewed by the Scranton Times-Tribune media last July, he explained that to find inspiration, he went to an amusement park and immediately headed towards the bumper car stand. His favorite was a fairly vintage model, which had a “Chevrolet pickup truck look” from the 50s, those that are often found in old American films. He therefore decided to reproduce this bumper car model in large (large) format: four meters long, by two meters wide. And the result is more than impressive.

© Dan Hryhorcoff

The vehicle in question was made largely with recycled automotive parts, including a Chevrolet Aveo engine. The former engineer forgot no detail to give the illusion of a real bumper car. He even attached a pole to the back as a reminder of how bumper cars get their electricity to move forward. The car is also fully functional, it can be driven on the road and is legal under American law. Its inventor is not his first project of this scale. In the past, Dan Hryhorcoff also built a submarine that proved its worth at sea. So, has your DIY soul been tickled?