This plant must be pruned from June to have beautiful flowers next year

This plant must be pruned from June to have beautiful

Pruning this plant with its pretty fragrant flowers from June is an essential practice to ensure abundant flowering and healthy growth the following year.

The month of June is a busy time for gardeners who will not have time to get bored. If the vegetables begin to grow and the flowers begin to bloom, it is also the time to prune certain trees, shrubs and climbers.

As the sun shines and temperatures rise, trees, shrubs and perennials produce new growth. While it’s a joy to see lush new foliage and flowers in the garden, some plants need to be pruned in late spring. Doing it now will improve the shape and health of the plants for months to come. This is the case, for example, with lilac.

Lilac, with its fragrant flowers and varied colors, is a popular plant in many gardens that usually blooms between April and May. Once this period has passed, the plant begins to prepare its buds for the next season. Contrary to what some gardeners might think, lilacs should be pruned from June, just after flowering, to ensure optimal growth the following year. Late pruning could remove forming flower buds, reducing flowering the following year.

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Pruning in June has several advantages. It helps maintain a compact and aesthetic shape of the shrub. Cutting off dead or diseased branches also promotes the overall health of the plant. Additionally, this pruning encourages better air and light circulation within the shrub, which reduces the risk of fungal diseases and improves photosynthesis.

For successful pruning, it is important to follow some practical tips. Use clean, sharp tools to avoid damaging branches. Start by removing spent flowers and dead branches. Next, remove branches that cross over or grow toward the interior of the shrub. Lightly prune main branches to encourage denser, more flowering growth.

It is also recommended to prune no more than a third of the plant at a time. Too severe pruning can weaken the lilac and stunt its growth. If your lilac is particularly old or overgrown, it may be necessary to do some rejuvenation pruning. This method involves drastically pruning the shrub to stimulate the growth of vigorous new shoots. However, this should be done carefully and preferably over several years to avoid putting too much stress on the plant.