This little-known tip for buying Zara clothes cheaper – it saves a lot of money

This little known tip for buying Zara clothes cheaper – it

Notice to Zara fans: it is possible to acquire new pieces from the brand at significant savings. Explanations.

It’s no longer a secret: Zara is a real gold mine. With its collections renewed at a frenetic pace, the brand allows fashionistas to be up to date on the trends of the moment. And if the ready-to-wear giant’s prices are already very competitive, there is a way to make your purchases while spending even less money.

How to buy Zara cheaper?

The prices applied at Zara are not identical in all countries. It even seems that the amount written on the receipt is considerably reduced when you acquire the parts of the flagship of the Inditex group in your country of origin. Thus, the same skirt can be sold for 169 euros in Spain, while in France, it is priced at 199 euros. That’s a difference of 30 euros! If there is no question of taking the plane for the sole purpose of a window shopping session in Barcelona, ​​this is something to keep in mind for your next vacation planned on the other side of the Pyrenees. Especially since the largest Zara store in the world is located in Madrid, on the Plaza de España.

Screenshot of the Zara Spain website © Zara
Screenshot Zara France © Zara

Other ways to buy Zara cheaper

Since September 7, 2023, it is possible to shop cheaper on the Zara “Pre-Owned” platform. This new feature allows you to buy and sell clothes (Zara only) that have already been worn, in order to give them a second life. All at unbeatable prices: you can treat yourself to a tank top for 8 euros, a denim skirt for 14 euros, a knitted cardigan for 15 euros or even cowgirl-style boots sold for 15.99 euros. Nor should we neglect the“Price drop” tab on the Iberian brand’s website. You can find pieces that are right on trend at very reasonable prices. A good plan to keep in mind.