This is why Swedes travel to Lebanon – despite the Foreign Ministry’s advice

Several Swedes with a Lebanese background see the family reunion as something necessary. Those SVT has spoken to say that their only chance to meet the parents in Lebanon is during the summer holidays.

– My life is not more important than my parents’ lives, says Sara Talhouk, who visited her parents in Beirut in June.

War between Israel and Hamas

  • They are fighting to get their son home after October 7

  • Mohammad lost both his parents to the bombs: “Now we have nothing”

  • “Never could have gone there”

    Since Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel last October, the Shia militia Hezbollah and Israeli forces have shelled each other almost every day. Due to the deteriorating security situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised against traveling to Lebanon.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also urges all Swedes who, despite the advice, are in the country to leave as soon as possible.

    – If I have to refrain from visiting Lebanon every time something happens between Lebanon and Israel, I would never have been able to go there, says Sara Talhouk.

    No worries before the trip

    Another traveler who plans to go to Lebanon soon to see his parents is Elie Kirillos. He says he doesn’t feel any anxiety about the trip.

    – I live in Byblos and it is very calm there, people go to work and live their lives as usual, he says.

    Watch the clip: Hear the Swedes Sara and Elie about why they choose to travel to Lebanon – despite the Foreign Ministry’s advice.