This is what the restaurant manager really thinks about tips: “Specific sum”

This is what the restaurant manager really thinks about tips

Tipping restaurant staff is a nice gesture. But what do the staff really think about tips? News24 have talked to Novarestaurant manager at Blackstone Steakhouse Sundbyberg, who tells us what she really thinks about tips and how much you should give.

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Big differences depending on where you work

Nova tells us that the restaurant industry in Sweden has been influenced by the drinking culture in the United States. However, there is a marked difference between the countries and that is that the staff in the USA would not survive without tips, while those in Sweden do. This is because there are large differences in the basic salary.

– Tipping is a privilege. While we don’t tip the cashier at ica or the staff at McDonalds, they also work with service like they do at “finer pubs and restaurants” where a small tip is happily given.

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Photo: PexelsHow much should you tip?

Nova tells us that the staff in the restaurant industry have a fixed salary and therefore the tip is not necessary, but rather a nice bonus.

– I don’t think there is any specific amount a guest should tip or tip at all. If they are satisfied with their experience at the restaurant, it is an incredibly nice gesture to make, but it is a voluntary payment that takes place between guest and staff.

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