This is what the grass grown at the Olympic Stadium looks like before tonight’s football match – the loose grass cost 100,000 euros | Sport

This is what the grass grown at the Olympic Stadium

Today the Finnish men’s national football team Huuhkajat will face Estonia. The field and carefully grown grass is ready for the evening.

Katri Tihilä,

Nina Svahn

The grass of the Olympic Stadium has been carefully maintained since February for the evening’s match. Field foremen worked long hours and energy bills swelled.

Heating the field and growing grass with the help of heat lamps has cost money and electricity. General Secretary of the Football Association Marco Casagrande estimated to yesterday that about 100,000 euros have gone into maintaining the lawn.

Now the grass is ready, and the Finnish men’s national football team Huuhkajat will meet Estonia in the stadium.

The events manager of the Swedish Football Association Antti Vanhalan according to the new grass is suitable as a match surface. Turmi has also received approval from the European football association UEFA.

– The field staff has done a good job. In the winter conditions, the grass has been kept in such good condition, even though it is not in perfect condition.

Vanhala says that they have already communicated with Uefa several weeks before the match. They have been sent, for example, pictures with which Uefa’s field consultants have monitored the growth of the grass.

Ticket sales have been low since the last loss

It has snowed in Helsinki today, but according to Vanhala, the weather for tonight’s game looks good.

According to the European Football Association, national team games can now be played in Finland also in November and March.

– We are trying to avoid matches played in the winter months. March in particular is challenging in terms of conditions.

Huuhkajat lost 4-1 to Wales last week. The loss affected ticket sales for tonight’s match, as the Huuhkaji no longer have a chance for a place in the European Championships. Tonight’s match against Estonia is without stakes.

– To be honest, ticket sales have been pretty low after the Wales match.

According to Vanhala, a good number of tickets have still been sold. About 15,000 tickets had been sold on Tuesday afternoon.

The Finnish men’s national football team Huuhkajie’s game against Estonia starts at seven o’clock. The match is broadcast by TV2 and Areena.