This is what the bus driver thinks about planking: “Fooled every day”

This is what the bus driver thinks about planking Fooled

Boarding is a problem in public transport in many cities. Therefore, several companies have introduced fines and surcharges for those who cheat or cheat.

One company that has been hit hard is SL, which is responsible for public transport in Stockholm. During 2022, SL went back almost two million kroner, one contributing factor was precisely the planking. If you are caught while parking in SL traffic, it will cost you SEK 1,500 in “surcharge”, reports Today’s news.

News24 have spoken to the bus driver Mass from Falun who, in addition to driving a bus, posts sketches about bus life on Tiktok.

Masse is used to free riders and allows the controllers on the bus to check off and take the adults who try to cheat.

– You get cheated every day, really. There is someone who can show a transfer ticket like this that is a few weeks old. And you don’t have time to see what date it is. But the controllers have to take that. I assume that everyone who will go with me has a valid driver’s license, says Masse to Nyheter24.

Overview when children plank

Masse points out that there is a difference between children and adults who plank.

– Some people can put in the system and say that they have forgotten their bus card in order to travel for free. But hey, it’s school duty, so I often let them go with me actually.

Masse continues:

– But if it is an adult who tries to cheat, then you try to make him pay. But I let school children go with them who have forgotten their bus pass.