This is how you unlock the FJX Horus

With Season 3, new weapons were added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. Like you the submachine gun “FJX Horusunlocked, you can find out here on MeinMMO.

Season 3 started in CoD: MW3 on April 3, 2024 and brought new maps, events and challenges to the shooter. You can also unlock three new weapons – a submachine gun, a sniper rifle and a melee weapon. An assault rifle will be added later in the season.

The FJX Horus submachine gun was added to the shooter in Season 3 and was described as a solid weapon by “WZStatsGG” on X (formerly Twitter) shortly afterwards. We’ll explain how you unlock the weapon below.

If you missed the trailer for Season 3, you can watch it here:

CoD MW3: Season 3 Multiplayer Trailer

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This is how you unlock the FJX Horus

How do I turn on the FJX Horus free? You unlock the submachine gun in Sector 8 of the Battle Pass. To do this you have to carry out the following steps:

  • Complete an adjacent sector in the Battle Pass
  • Select sector 8
  • Earn all sector rewards with tokens
  • When you buy the Battle Pass (1,100 COD Points, approx. €10) you can collect all rewards, otherwise only those that say “Free” – which is also the case with the weapon.
  • As soon as you can select sector 8, you will need 5 tokens to unlock the FJX Horus. Before you can click on the weapon, you first have to unlock the previous four items: a weapon sticker, an XP token, a weapon talisman and a large decoration.

    You can find the FJX Horus in the Battle Pass in Sector 8.

    What kind of weapon is that? According to the developer (via CoD blog), the FJX Horus submachine gun is a compact SMG whose melee damage and mobility are among the best in the class. The weapon has a strong rate of fire, good recoil control and first-class mobility.

    Adjustments were made to the existing weapons in Season 3. Among other things, distracting visual effects when firing MW2 weapons have been reduced to bring them in line with MW3 standards. On MeinMMO you can find all information about the update, the content and the patch notes in one overview.