This is how you protect the windshield against stone chips

This is how you protect the windshield against stone chips

That the number of glass damage has increased in recent decades is due to a number of reasons, according to Markus Ljungbladclaims manager at the insurance company Gjensidige.

For example, car windows have become thinner, it is not as common to have mudguards on cars as in the past, and the number of cars on the roads increases every year.

However, there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of rockfall, according to Markus Ljungblad.

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This is how you protect the car from stone chips

One of the tips involves choosing to drive a different route than normal, and choosing roads that have been sanded less during the winter. There is simply not as much gravel on the side of the road there.

Keeping a longer distance to the cars in front is also a way to prevent rockfalls. The risk of rockfall is particularly high when overtaking or when approaching a new road, and there it may therefore be good to be extra careful.

In order to protect yourself from stone throws from oncoming traffic, you can hold out more towards the edge of the roadway and slow down.

According to a study carried out by Demoskop for Gjensidige, 77 percent of Sweden’s motorists state that they adapt their driving style to avoid stones. 21 percent state that they do nothing in particular to protect the car against stone throws.

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If an accident happens

Markus Ljungblad notes that it is not possible to protect oneself completely against stone throws, and that we could generally be better at keeping greater distances in traffic.

Should the accident occur, it is important to quickly cover the crack to avoid dirt accumulating in it.

– Otherwise, the risk is that the minor glass damage cannot be repaired. Feel free to ask an auto glass repair shop for a sticker to protect the glass until you can repair it. Don’t forget to fix the stone chip before the initially minor damage leads to the window cracking properly so that it has to be replaced completely, says Markus Ljungblad.

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