This is how you cook your new potatoes to perfection

This is how you cook your new potatoes to perfection

Summer is here and a clear sign of summer for many is the Swedish fresh potato. A delicacy that is only available for a short time of the year.

The fresh potatoes are a little smaller in size and do not need to be boiled for as long as the old potatoes during the winter months.

But despite that, it can be difficult to get the perfectly cooked fresh potatoes for all the summer lunches, barbecue evenings and potato salads.

Here are some simple tricks on how to prepare and cook fresh potatoes or new potatoes so that they turn out perfectly, every time, which also wrote about.


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1. Scrub the potatoes lightly

Unlike old potatoes, fresh potatoes do not need to be peeled. It is enough to scrub them with a brush so that the soil disappears from it.

3. Add salt when the water boils

Salt the water when it starts to boil, about one to two teaspoons of salt per liter of water is enough.


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4. Do not let the potatoes boil

Fresh potatoes should not be overcooked, as they risk boiling and falling apart. Instead, let it simmer under the lid. However, the process must not stop, then the potatoes become waterlogged.

5. Choose potatoes of the same size

In order to get the potatoes cooked evenly and ensure that they are ready at the same time, it is good to try to choose evenly sized potatoes when cooking.

6. Stick the potatoes

To know when the potatoes are ready, it is smart to poke them. When either the potato stick, the toothpick or the fork has gone through the potatoes, they are ready. Normal-sized potatoes are ready to cook in about 15 minutes.

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