This is how you can calculate whether you will get tax back

The strained economy means that there are both hopes and fears ahead of this year’s declaration. But even now it is possible to find out what you get back, or need to pay in tax.
– It takes a little preparation to get as close to reality as possible, says Åsa Ekström, declaration spokesperson for the Swedish Tax Agency.

At the beginning of March, everyone with a digital mailbox and e-identification can access their income declaration for 2024. But for those who are impatient, it is already possible to calculate what you will get back or need to pay in back taxes.

Åsa Ekström at the Swedish Tax Agency urges you to collect as many papers as possible about income from the previous year.

– It is good if you have collected your salary specifications from your employer or if you have received cash. Based on those documents, you can often sum up how much tax has already been deducted, says Åsa Ekström.

On the Swedish Tax Agency’s website there is a tool called “Calculate your tax”, where you can fill in everything from salary, pension and sickness benefit to root and square deductions.

Step by step you are guided through all types of expenses and income that are necessary to find out how much you get back in tax refunds, or need to pay in back taxes.

Review major deals

If you don’t have all your information to hand, Åsa Ekström advises to start with what you have. No information is saved in the tool, which can be used several times.

– It takes a little preparation to get a good result and get as close to reality as possible. You can use the service again when you have collected more information about your income, says Åsa Ekström.

Another tip to avoid getting any surprises in your digital mailbox or in the mail is to simply think about the previous year. Above all if you have made larger sales.

– Have I sold a home, sold securities that are not in the ISK account or rented out my home? You have to think through what has happened in 2023, then you get a pretty good idea of ​​what you may need to do for changes or additions to your declaration.

If you want to get a tax refund and want to get a share of the money as early as possible, you need to get a digital mailbox by March 3rd at the latest, and approve your declaration by April 3rd at the latest. Then the money is in the account just over a week later.

Dates to keep an eye on

• March 3: Last day to get a digital mailbox to receive the declaration digitally instead of by post.

• March 4-8: Those who have a digital mailbox will receive their declaration. Anyone who has e-identification can access their declaration on the Tax Agency’s website.

• March 19: Now you can declare!

• April 3: Last day to approve your return without adding or changing anything to receive a final notice and possible tax refund in April.

• April 9-12: The Swedish Tax Agency pays out the tax refund to those who are to get tax back and have approved their declaration digitally by April 3 at the latest.

• March 15-April 15: Everyone who does not have a digital mailbox will receive their declaration in the mail.

• May 2: Last day to declare!

• June 4-7: The Swedish Tax Agency pays out the tax refund to those who approved their declaration by May 2 at the latest.

• August 5-9: Those who have back taxes to pay receive their final tax notice.

• August 6-9: Tax refunds are paid out to those who have had a deferment.

• September 12: Last day to pay for most people who have received tax arrears. The withholding tax must be paid no later than 90 days after the notification.