This is how the Russian broadcaster made fun of Europe! He broadcast live, leaving the kitchen gas on 24 hours

This is how the Russian broadcaster made fun of Europe

Russia responded to the sanctions that followed the Ukraine War by restricting the flow of gas to Europe. With the approach of winter, Europe faced the danger of an energy crisis. A Russian Twitch broadcaster made fun of this situation with his broadcast.


The Russian broadcaster, who owns the Twitch channel “russiangas1”, started broadcasting with the title “Russian Gaz 247 1.44 EurMonth”, keeping the kitchen gas on for 24 hours. The broadcast of the broadcaster, who made the broadcast live on European servers and watched the broadcast to European Twitch users, was both a joke and showed the point where the natural gas crisis has come.


In the statement of the broadcast, the broadcaster stated that “only 1.44 Euros is paid per month for natural gas in Russia” and that he enjoys the fantastic Russian privilege. Coinciding with the live broadcast, Russian users described the broadcaster’s idea as “genius”, as he opened a channel that “warms like a fireplace”. Some Twitch users also reacted to the spending of limited resources.