This is how the floods affect traffic in Sala and Västerås

In Sala, Fabriksgatan, Långgatan and part of Väsbygatan are closed until further notice due to the floods.

The Swedish Transport Administration has also closed the viaduct at the Uppsala roundabout. They have also closed national highway 72 between Sala and Heby.

Amanda Lindblad (S), the chairman of the municipal board in Sala, urges everyone to respect the closures as there is a lot of water.

Hear her about the situation during Sunday in the clip above.

The cut-offs can be adjusted depending on how the water level changes. Read more on Sala municipality’s website.

Risk of landslides at Svartån in Västerås

In Västerås there is a risk of landslides at Svartån due to high flows. This means that some footbridges over the river are closed and pedestrian and bicycle paths along the river may be blocked off. Updates on You can follow the water flows in Västerås on the municipality’s website.

School buses in Sala cancelled

Sala municipality announces on its website that for safety reasons all school buses have been canceled on Monday 4/9. A school bus driver allegedly went out and test drove his route, but didn’t even reach the first stop.

The school buses are particularly affected by the floods when they are out on small roads in the countryside, writes the municipality.

During Monday, a new assessment will be made before Tuesday. Here you can follow Sala municipality’s updates about the school buses.

Train traffic to and from Västerås, Uppsala and Sala is affected

There is a stop in the train traffic between Uppsala-Sala, and Västerås-Ludvika. It may affect departures from other stations, with trains running the route. However, some trains will be able to run a different route.

Train traffic on the affected routes is not expected to resume until early Tuesday morning. On You can follow updates on train traffic on the Swedish Transport Administration’s website.

Here you can follow SVT’s live report on floods and their impact locally.