This is how the electricity shortage in the big cities can be remedied

Last minute The world stood up after Putins decision in

09.10 Riksdag debate before decision LIVE
The Riksdag is debating two statements from the environment and agriculture committee.

10.35 This is what the voter streams looked like in the 2022 election
The professors of political science, Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson and Sören Holmberg, do a deep dive into the currents in the electorate that were most prominent in SVT’s major polling station survey, Valu. Valu’s research leader, Professor Per Näsman, KTH, also participates. Organizer: SVT. From 13/9.

12.00 Report

12.03 What does politics want with technology?
From having been a leading country in digitization, Sweden is lagging behind in a number of international comparisons, and development is uneven across the country. Debate with members of parliament from all parties on how Sweden can best be modernized. Organizer: Future of Democracy and the Internet Foundation. From 22/8.

14.10 – 14:40 Young angry men in social media
The Riksdagstyrelsen’s working group for gender equality sheds light on the existence of hateful environments on the internet to see if and how the rhetoric in these environments affects the daily political conversation. How dangerous are cyber haters in real life? Who are they really hating and why? Hate and threats in social media. Organiser: The Riksdagstyrelsen’s working group for gender equality. Recorded 2/3

14.40 Power shortage in the big cities
In recent years, the limitations in the electricity grid have become more noticeable in Sweden. In a new report, researchers Pär Holmberg and Thomas Tangerås analyze measures against the electricity shortage in the big cities in the short term. The report is commented on by Anna König Jerlmyr (M), finance citizen council in Stockholm, Niclas Damsgaard, Svenska kraftnät and Henrik Bergström, Ellevio. Organizer: SNS. From 1/9.

16.00 Report

16.05 Happened today

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