This is how “Ronja Rövardotter” actress Hanna Zetterberg lives today

This is how Ronja Rovardotter actress Hanna Zetterberg lives today

It was in 1984 that “Ronja Rövardotter”, based on Astrid Lindgren’s story of the same name from 1981, premiered in Swedish cinemas.

In the film, which has become a real classic, there are several big names who shoulder some of the most prominent roles, including Börje Ahlstedt, Lena Nyman, Per Oscarsson and Allan Edwall.

Astrid Lindgren and Tage Danielsson with actors Hanna Zetterberg who played Ronja Rövardotter and Dan Håfström who played Birk Borkason. Photo: TT

The protagonist, in character as himself Ronja Rövardotterwhere Hanna Zetterberg. But what really happened later for the actress, who became Ronja to the entire Swedish people as early as eleven years old?

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Hanna Zetterberg played Ronja Rövardotter

For Hanna Zetterberg, the celebrity and attention became too much.

– After the premiere, of course, I did lots of interviews and hi and ha, but then I stopped. I thought it was difficult. In practical terms, I couldn’t use public transport in Stockholm where I lived, because everyone recognized me, she told the TV4 program “Mauri – what happened then?”.

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Hanna Zetterberg in 1986. Photo: Dan Hansson/TT This is how Hanna Zetterberg lives today

And there was no continued acting career for Hanna Zetterberg. Instead, she became politically active and was, between 1994 and 1998, a Member of Parliament for the Left Party.

Hanna Zetterberg in the Riksdag 1997. Photo: Tobias Röstlund/TT

According to Zetterberg’s own website, she then devoted herself to research communication, including as a communications manager at the Institute for Future Studies and as an information officer at the Swedish Research Council.

Today, the former actor can also call himself an author. She has written several children’s books: “Carnation and little sister”, “Carnation and the gosankan” and “Carnation has a potty”.

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Hanna Zetterberg today. Photo: Screen image/TV4/”Mauri – what happened then?”

In “Mauri – what happened next?” states Zetterberg, who today lives in Stockholm, that a change in appearance means that she is no longer recognized on a daily basis.

– Until just a few years ago, I was recognized every day, and then I became grey-haired. So nice! Because now I’m kind of too old. It’s actually a liberation in many ways, she said on the show.

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