This is how Netflix wants to save the legendary sci-fi series that was hit the wall 4 times in the cinema

This is how Netflix wants to save the legendary sci fi

Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger is an absolute classic of 80s bone-crusher cinema, no question about it. On Terminator 2 – Judgment Day, the opinions differ and from Terminator 3 – Rebellion of the Machines onwards the fun stops completely, many sci-fi fans agree.

Can the Terminator franchise even be saved? Maybe beyond the cinema with one completely fresh approachsays Netflix.

Possible sci-fi redemption through new Terminator series on Netflix

Already this summer, Netflix is ​​presenting Terminator Zero, one Anime series from the universe of sci-fi killers. It takes place in Tokyo in 1997, shortly before the day of reckoning when Skynet and the machines declare war on humans. At the center is a scientist named Malcolm Lee and his three children, who develops a competing AI system and is protected by a fighter from the future.

Entertainment Weekly received the first images of the format exclusively:

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Showrunner Mattson Tomlin, who is also working on the script for The Batman 2, revealed to EW that he will not ignore any of the six Terminator films in terms of continuity. Above all, he is interested in telling a time travel story with new characters: “I knew I wanted to tell a time-travel story, and I knew I wanted to tell an almost Godfather-esque multi-generational saga that follows this family with three children.” Other inspirations include Taxi Driver and Friday the 13th.

A narrative hurdle that had to be brought to the author’s attention by the Japanese animation studio Production IG concerns the series’ arsenal of weapons. In Japan there is namely almost no firearms. So we may have to prepare for katana battles with the machines.

When is the sci-fi anime Terminator Zero on Netflix?

Terminator Zero is for that August 29, 2024 programmed into Netflix. A date that should sound familiar to fans of the franchise… because it is the day of reckoning.