This is how McDonalds cheats with the cleaning routines – according to the staff

This is how McDonalds cheats with the cleaning routines

For McDonald’s, which is one of the world’s largest fast food chains, it is important that the restaurants maintain good hygiene. It can of course vary in different countries, but how good is McDonald’s Sweden really at cleanliness?

News24 have met a former employee at McDonald’s who believes that the restaurant sometimes neglects the routines.

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“Want to present a nicer image”

The former employee says that he worked at McDonald’s for over four years, and during that time he learned McDonald’s cleaning schedule to the letter.

He believes that the hamburger chain keeps it clean, but that McDonald’s does not create time for a thorough cleaning every day. Instead, they double the workforce the week before a hygiene check.

– People come to the restaurant and do a quality check from time to time. Before the checks, they make sure to schedule lots of people, even people who don’t work at the restaurant anymore, who can clean, he says and continues:

– You want to present a nicer image of the restaurant than what it really is. It is a big difference.

Before the hygiene check, the staff must clean properly. Photo: Terje Bendiksby /TT. McDonald’s response: “Not true”

When Nyheter24 contacts McDonald’s about the former employee’s experience, they disagree with the picture he paints:

“No, that’s not true. We have comprehensive cleaning routines that all restaurants must always follow. Cleanliness is a high priority in our restaurants, no matter what day it is.”

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