This household appliance is the cause of many breakages!

This household appliance is the cause of many breakages

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    As a couple, certain daily tasks can lead to arguments. The most repetitive household tasks, in particular. As proof: here, according to a survey, is the everyday device that generates the most conflicts in couples.

    It’s a fact: household chores are still too unequally distributed within the couple, with women largely carrying them out alone, even if the figures tend to show a reduction in the gap between men and women in the couple (according to the latest report from the European Institute for Gender Equality, dating from last October). But the gap is also narrowing because women do less, and not because men are more involved. Seven years ago, in fact, 80% of French women cleaned or cooked every day. Today, there are “only” 68%.

    In short, housekeeping in general can still be a subject of discord within the couple. And one task in particular generates the most tension.

    The dishwasher, the appliance that creates the most arguments among couples

    According to a survey carried out by OpinionWay for Sun, the brand of dishwasher products, 80% of respondents explain that they have “high expectations” regarding household chores for their couple. The dishwasher was particularly cited by respondents, a third of whom “find it annoying that their partner puts the dishes away incorrectly, a figure which rises to 45% among those under 35″.

    Worse, the storage of the device was even a subject of dispute among 71% of those questioned!

    The dishwasher, cause of breakup in the couple

    If we can find the subject light, it seems that the dishwasher, more than crystallizing the couple’s tensions, can also lead to their end. In fact, 17% of those surveyed explained that they had broken up over an untidy dishwasher, while 42% of 25-34 year olds had considered the idea, without taking the plunge.

    The dishwasher will probably not have been the only reason for the separation, but added to other elements, it can act as a catalyst. Before considering a serious relationship, consider asking your partner if they put the cutlery up or down…

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