This funny tool converts your annual shoe purchases into vegetarian meals – the results are dizzying

This funny tool converts your annual shoe purchases into vegetarian

Every year, fashionistas fill their wardrobes with their latest finds. A consumption habit that can have major consequences on the environment. A new tool allows you to calculate your fashion carbon footprint in order to understand what all these purchases really amount to.

Dresses, handbags, sweaters, pants, coats… Wardrobes are always filling up. Over the course of countless favorite purchases, fleeting trends and shopping impulses, clothes pile up in the wardrobes. But how can we assess the environmental impact of all this spending? It is to answer this question that theenvironment and energy management agency has implemented a digital tool. Appointed CO impact2, this platform allows you to calculate and compare the impact of your annual clothing consumption. She explains, for example, that the purchase of two pairs of new shoes in 12 months equals 33 kg of CO2. That’s as many emissions as it would be to make five T-shirts, a smartphone and consume 64 vegetarian meals. Another equally telling example is the production, distribution and use ofjust one coat is comparable to 466 km traveled by a thermal engine car. And you, what does your shoe consumption amount to? Take the test!

An awareness of fashion?

To avoid making users feel guilty and help them take action, CO impact2 suggests different lines of thought. Turn to the second hand, sort your dressing room to make donations, ask yourself the right questions before purchasing, take an interest in brands that adopt eco-responsible approaches… In fact, several brands are currently in a period of transition, and have initiated a process to reduce their carbon footprint.

For example, Diesel recently launched DesieLoves, a line of jeans made from upcycled materials. Other labels like Asket or House Standards are fighting against the effects of fast fashion by imagining timeless and better quality creations at a fair price.