This French detective series in 6 episodes will keep Netflix subscribers in suspense

This French detective series in 6 episodes will keep Netflix

This new detective series to watch on Netflix should captivate subscribers. It can be watched very quickly and has all the assets to be a program that will attract the curiosity of spectators.

What are we watching on Netflix right now? This week, subscribers to the streaming platform will be able to discover a French detective series not to be missed. Well-known actors, a thrilling investigation very freely inspired by a news story, Alpine settings… Everything comes together to keep subscribers in suspense.

Anthracite: The mystery of the Ecrins sect tells how, 30 years after a collective suicide linked to a sect in a village in the Alps, a woman is found murdered according to the same strange rituals. A young delinquent, Jaro Gatsi, quickly finds himself accused of murder and seeks to prove his innocence with the help of Ida, an eccentric geek who is looking for her missing father. As you might guess, Jaro Gatsi and Ida never existed, even though the mass suicide and rituals of the Order of the Solar Temple inspired the Netflix series.

© Christine Tamalet/Netflix

This sect has in fact committed a collective suicide in a small village in the Alps in 1994. Twenty-five people, members of the Order of the Solar Temple, died. Founded in Switzerland ten years earlier, this organization would have caused a total of 74 victims during collective suicides in the years 1994, 1995 and 1997. If the series is very freely inspired by this news item, the plot which is told there, and in particular the police investigation which takes place today and will keep subscribers in suspense for six episodes, is entirely fictional. Nothing is true in Anthraciteeven if certain elements of the scenario recall these terrible events.

Fans of French series will recognize several faces in the casting ofAnthracite: The mystery of the Ecrins sect. It’s the rapper Hatik, revealed in the series Valid by Frank Gastambide, who plays the leading role opposite Noémie Schmidt (The student and Mr. Henri, Les Vétos, Paris is ours).

Jean-Marc Barr (The big Blue) plays his father, while Camille Lou (I promise you, Les Combattantes) plays the investigator. Kad Merad and Vincent Rottiers also appear in the cast of the series. Behind the camera also, it is the duo who created the series Profiling And Aim for the heartMaxime Berthemy and Fanny Roberts, who imagined the new original creation from Netflix.

In total, Anthracite: The mystery of the Ecrins sect is made up of six episodes, approximately one hour long: ideal for Netflix subscribers who are in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time. This is put online on the streaming platform on April 10, 2024.