This flying taxi turns you into Superman to reach 260 km / h

This flying taxi turns you into Superman to reach 260

Zeva Aero is preparing the first tests of its very unusual looking flying taxi. In the shape of a saucer, the Zeva Zero carries the passenger on the stomach and can reach almost 260 km / h.

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What will the flying vehicles of tomorrow ? Many builders opt for a simple car or a cockpit with rotors. The company Zeva Aero chose a completely different design. Her Zeva Zero is a real Flying saucer 2.4 meters in diameter, designed to carry one person.

The passenger enters this flying taxi UFO-shaped in (almost) standing position. This is a aircraft electronic vertical take-off and landing (Adav or eVTOL for electric vertical take-off and landing in English). The aircraft therefore takes off while keeping the passenger in a standing position, to then tilt horizontally. The trip is made while lying on your stomach, a bit like Superman, then the aircraft stands up before landing.

A flying taxi that could park on the side of a skyscraper

The Zeva Zero weighs 317 kilograms and can reach a speed of 257 km / h. It is equipped with two nacelles at the front and two at the rear, each with two propellers, and promises a range of 80 kilometers. The manufacturer also imagined the SkyDock, a docking station with an access lock for the Zeva Zero which would allow the device to be parked at a height, by mooring it on the side of a skyscraper.

The company has already tested a model reduced to 1/8e of the Zeva Zero and recently built a full-size prototype that currently flies connected to a cable. The aircraft is expected to perform its first remote-controlled flights in a month, then test with a passenger in three to six months. The first devices are expected to cost around $ 250,000 each, and Zeva Aero would like to see its flying taxi in all the garages by 2040.

Video presentation of the Zeva Zero. (Activate automatic translation of subtitles.) © Zeva Aero

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